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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Treatment Tracking System

This product helps a Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy Treatment Center to track patients, diagnoses, and treatment session in the Hyperbaric chamber. Patient records can be printed in support of insurance claims.

Key Benefits

Manual recording on pre-printed treatment cards, and photo-copying of these cards for insurance purposes are eliminated.

Automatically tracks multiple patients in the same session while only entering the session data, eg Max Pressure, Descent Time, Ascent Time and Duration.

Repeated entry of duplicate data is eliminated.

Session data is assigned to each patient, along with individual data such as complications and any comments.

Patient payments are tracked and warnings are automatically displayed when pre-payments are running low.

Insurance claims are facilitated by clean, presentable reports which show all the treatment sessions, and any standard diagnosis codes.

Cost of pre-printed stationery is eliminated.

System is greener due to paperwork reduction or elimination.

Statistical reports can be developed from the collected data correlating treatments to progress.

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Depends on configuration and customization required. Send request form for more information.

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